Aluminium Shoes

Aluminium Century Support

The Century gives the benefit of a concave shoe with the cover and coarser nail hole position of a 3/4 fullered shoe. The Century Support is a cleverly designed horseshoe to support the hoof at the heels and improve break over, whilst giving the farrier the advantages of being both a concave and 3/4 fullered shoe.

The Century Support has a wider toe for increased shoe wear and wider heels for more cover and support. The branches remain the normal width, reducing weight and making the shoe easier to shape. The new Aluminium Century Support is now available, with the same design feature of wider toes and heels, making it ideal for the modern sport horse competing at the highest level.

Now also available unclipped.

Aluminium Fastbreak

The Fast Break aluminium Race Plate from Kerckhaert offers the race market a nicely shaped shoe that enhances breakover. This enhanced breakover can relieve the stress on tendons caused by long toe situation. The Fast Break is made with the same attention to detail in good punching and shape that Kerckhaert is noted for.

A number of top trainers have found this style of shoe reduces stress on the limb, especially in younger horses.

Aluminium Speed Toe

The patented Speed Toe Plate has a unique advantage over the traditional race plate design. The square toe cuts back the point of break over, thereby reducing the amount of effort by the horse on every stride.

On many thoroughbred horses, long toes and low heels place extra strain on the Flexor Tendons and on the Extensor Tendons when the horse is galloping, the long toe becomes an obstacle to a quick break-over.

The speed toe is the answer to this problem that affects many front feet.

Aluminium Triumph


The Triumph is a drop forged aluminium shoe with an optimum front shape. These shoes are commonly used by the western pleasure market as well as the hunter and thoroughbred shoer. Well-placed nail holes allow for good nailing and choices when the wall is less than perfect.The sole relief is built in - saving you time.

The material used is high grade aluminium that provides good wear and strength.

Aluminium Bonded Shoes

The Kerckhaert Blue Bond Plate has strong, specially developed shock absorbing material on the foot-side of the shoe. Clean nail holes, ready for the job and with sole relief as an extra, are just right for use on hard tracks as shock absorbing protection. This is especially useful when shoeing 2 year olds. The Blue Bond Plate helps protect horses which are still developing their bones and joints.

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