Aluminium Shoes

Kings Aluminium Race Plate Normal Strength

Multi-faced race plate with extra nail holes provide options where they are needed most - a problem foot with limited nail placement. Now it is no longer a problem. The precisely shaped fronts and hinds mean that the shoe literally drops on.

The inside edge of the foot surface is seated-out to avoid sole pressure. The rest of the foot surface is covered in small lines to give the plate grip against the foot. At the same time the heels are left smooth, which allows natural expansion at the heels when the foot is weight bearing.

Available unclipped, toe clipped fronts, toe clipped hinds and side clipped hinds.

Kings Aluminium Race Plate Extra Sound

This brand new design is made from a wider section than the standard kings plate. This gives the foot more cover and support with excellent results on many racehorses. On the foot surface the seating-out is increased and extends forward towards the back of the clip to avoid pressure on the toe. The nail holes are positioned coarser than the standard kings plate to produce strong nailing and the toe is designed a little flatter, to keep the toe short when fitting. That's why it's extra sound.

The outside heel is wider to give the foot more cover and support. The inside branch is bevelled to reduce the risk of brushing and has a tapered inside heel for close fitting.

Available unclipped, toe clipped fronts, toe clipped hinds and side clipped hinds.

Kerckhaert Kings Degree Aluminium Plate

The new addition to the Aluminium Kings race programme is the Kings Degree Extra Sound. This graduated front degree shoe is perfectly designed so that it elevates the heel but the wide foot surface of the shoe reduces the problem of crushed heels. The toe is bevelled on the ground surface which helps breakover, this is very important when shoeing horses with low heels.

The Kings Degree hind has all the same unique features as the whole range of Kings Plates. There is a wider ground surface in the heels for extra support and less pressure. This extra feature makes the difference.

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