3rd Millennium Aprons

Short Apron

  • Made from a very high quality 2mm split hide.
  • Tough, durable, flexible and comfortable.
  • Featuring 2 knife pockets, 2 hip pockets, 2 magnet pockets.
  • Extra long adjustable belt with buckle and Velcro. Long Velcro leg straps.
  • Double layered on thighs for extra protection.
  • Weight 3lb. length 23 inches.
  • Waist from 26"-44"

Long Apron

Long apron is 32" in length so that it will easily cover and protect the knees, even for the very tall.

An extra pair of leg straps secure the apron below the knee making sure that your knees remain protected at all times.

A long belt and leg straps mean it will fit from the smallest to the largest waists and thighs.

Gribbins Aprons

Flamemaster – Standard Top or Hipster Top (available in closed or open front)

75% Cotton 25% Polyester

Combines state of the art technology in flame retardant finishing with the hardwearing and aesthetic properties of cotton rich polyester blends.

  • Excellent cover to inside of legs
  • Legs fasten with multi-position Tenax popper
  • Waist fastening with 1.5" buckle
  • Two standard lengths
  • Pocket on each leg

Superthistle – Standard Top or Hipster Top Available (available in closed or open front)

It retains its moisture and tends to leather-up with use. Strong and supple without excess weight.

  • Excellent cover to inside of legs
  • Velcro fastenings at thigh and waist
  • Waist adjustment with 2" buckle
  • Two standard lengths
  • Pocket on each leg

Special designs and alternative sizes can also be made to order.

Kerckhaert Aprons

We stock Kerckhaert’s full leather apron in two lengths, 26" and 32". The Kerckhaert aprons are made with high quality leather, featuring wrap around leg design, double pads and two knife pockets, blue leather with black pads.

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