Steel Shoes

Classic Star

Unquestionable Quality. The Classic is the ultimate mid section concave - not too heavy not too light.

The patented Radius Clip sits right out on the edge, comfortably hugging the fronts and hinds. Single clips on the front, double clips on the hinds and a wear second to none makes this shoe stand alone. The biggest feature lies hidden in the hind pattern - left and right patterns which make your job that much easier.

Kerckhaert Classic Sport

New to the Kerckhaert Classic range with the following features:

Front & Hind shoes

  • 2 x 3/8 stud holes per shoe
  • Drilled / tapped - ready to go!
  • Seated out front shoes
  • Boxed off heels
  • Wider outside heel
  • Narrow inside heel

Kerckhaert Classic Concave - Front

New to the Classic range, the new Classic Concave with the following features:

Front shoe

  • Smaller toe clip
  • Seated out foot surface
  • Wider section at toe and heel
  • Boxed off heels
  • Improved nail hole pitch


With a variety of sections and sizes the Century is popular with, dressage, endurance, show jumping, cross country & hunting around the world.

Century Support

The new Century Support is an improved model of the Century horseshoe. The shoes are in a lighter section which is ideal for the modern sport horse, but the section is specially designed to be wider at the toe (for extra wear) and wider at the heels (for extra support).

The new Century Support also has the Radius Clip System which makes fitting the clips much easier. The Century Support is ideal for farriers shoeing competition horses including Dressage, Eventing and Show Jumping.

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