Steel Shoes

The Classic Roller

This is a new front shoe with radius quarter or toe clips, which allow the shoe to be set back under the toe. A special half round section allows the hoof to breakover more freely, reducing strain on the flexor tendons. The special half round section also reduces jarring to horses that do not have a level footfall.

The half round section also reduces brushing and interference to the horse’s other leg. A new design crease, giving much more pitch to the nail holes, allows strong, secure nailing even on flat feet. With the crease stopping just past the quarters, it allows the shoes to be punched or drilled for stud holes.

Classic Fastbreak

New to the Kerckhaert Classic range the Fastbreak has the following features:

  • Kerckhaerts' half round section
  • Side clips - closer to the toe
  • Improved shape
  • Boxed off heels
  • Improved performance
  • Clipped or Unclipped

DF Quarter Clipped Fronts

Smooth patented bevels both on the inside and outside combined with Kerckhaert is patented radius clip system, make this shoe the highest standard, worldwide.

The radius clip, unique to Kerckhaert, secures the width of the shoe, maintaining hoof support.

Clips follow the hoof wall giving the farrier the advantage of a precise fit and time saving.

Shaped to please, they are a breeze to fit. Perfect reshaping whether hot or cold, great wear and the smooth lines makes this shoe the envy of others. The front pattern heels and the bevelled edges reduce the risk of pulled off shoes, giving a safe and professional shoeing finish. Precisely punched nail holes secure the nails at the correct angle – eight nail holes. Great variety of sections and sizes.

Grand Prix Hinds

Many horses have a slight toe-out hind limb conformation, which can cause extra shoe wear on the outside branch.

Many farriers prefer to shoe these horses with extra width on the outside branch giving the hoof capsule more cover and support, whilst shoeing the inside branch with a closer fit. This avoids brushing and the shoe being stood on by the other hind foot.

A wider toe gives extra wear and strength. The wider section continues from the toe to the outside branch and round to the outside heel.

Kings Pony Shoes

Based on the Kings Steel Plate. The Kerckhaert shape is as always quick and easy to fit. The radius clip reduces the amount of hoof wall that needs to be removed while fitting. The nail holes are not only punched in the optimum position, but also have the correct pitch and coarseness.

Also available 1/4 Clip Hind.

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